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Ice Ball Maker - Moonova Home
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Ice Ball Maker

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Nothing accompanies a good cocktail like a slow melting ice ball.

Each mold makes four 1.77" spheres. Tray is silicone for easy removal and seals tight for no spills in the freezer. 

Type: Ice Cube Mold
Material: Silicone
Certification: CIQ

How to Use Your Ice Ball Molds:

1. Before you use your new tray, be sure to wash it thoroughly with soap and water. 

2. Fill the bottom drawer almost full of water (leave approximately 0.25" unfilled). 

3. Then place the bottom drawer on an even surface in your sink and press the drawer lid down into the bottom drawer until it is sealed (Note: the excess water will escape through the 4 vent holes on top of each ball). 

4. When full, gently press the top of each mold to force out enough water to give a slight air gap on top of each ball for expansion - This step is important so your ice balls will form well without cracking - must leave room for expansion. 

5. Don't worry about excess water in tray. Let it freeze with the mold. 

6. Shelf in freezer for 5+ hours.