We Bought A House…

Well, I know I’ve neglected this blog for quite some time, but I’ve had what I can only describe as Renter’s Funk. It’s the desire to make your home your own, clouded with the knowledge that you do not own that space, the dread of having to undo any changes you make to that space and the resulting apathy that comes about as a byproduct of those emotions. We didn’t think we’d spend a full year at our apartment, let alone two. And given that we’ve moved 3 times in the 4 years we’ve been living together, the thought of having to undo paint colors, etc on top of physically moving for what seems like the millionth time was just too much. Plus, we’ve adopted two puppies in the last year and half, so most of my “home aesthetics” time is spent shampooing the off-white carpets our pet-friendly complex thought was a brilliant idea.



But something happened on my birthday last year that led us to where we are now. We got engaged. The Moon to my Nova finally popped the question on top of a waterfall in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in the blink of an eye we were house-hunting. We had a bit of a disaster with a short sale in November. We were ready to pull the trigger and then during the home inspection we discovered that not only was water coming in through the roof creating black mold, and the oil tank so corroded that oil was pooling on the basement floor, but the main beam running through the center of the house was cracked in half and kick-standing the chimney. One major problem, we could handle. A laundry list of massively expensive issues, we could not. So we ran. And we waited. And after the Winter passed and we had our first nice weekend in months, we were ready to start looking again… and so was everyone else. Open houses looked like hippies descending on Woodstock. Lines of cars and crowds of people all desperate to get the hell out of Boston rentals. We’d walk into open houses to be told there were already multiple offers on the house and that they were all “very good”. Houses were selling before listings went public.

So, when we decided to go take a gander at the 1850’s farmhouse that was slightly off the beaten path on the South Shore of MA, but somewhat intriguing (i.e., there was a barn on premises, something this city girl has always wanted), we didn’t walk in with high hopes. While older homes often have good bones, they usually have a litany of other troubles of which we now felt well versed. We walked through apprehensively falling in love with each room and when we came to the basement and were met with a solid foundation, relatively new utilities and rather solid beams, we walked back up stairs, went straight to the agent and told her we wanted to make an offer RIGHT NOW.

painted barn

Who can resist a freshly painted white barn?


And we did. We met with another agent down the road at the real estate office and made an offer. Turns out we were one of five offers. So we upped the price a bit and asked for a quick closing (the sellers were already out of the house, so we hoped that would be appealing) and ours ended up being the offer that was accepted.

We’ve since been biting our tongues in fear of jinxing ourselves and something falling through, but the inspection went rather well, the sellers fixed the few small issues we wanted to address, and well, we are closing in 4 days on this lovely antique:

Rockland House

Built in 1854.

There’s a LOT we want to do, both inside and out, and I’d like to document each project here, from paint colors to unveiling what is under the wall-to-wall carpet to a few secret constructions projects we’ve got up our sleeves. We are still nervously awaiting Friday’s closing, but I do think it’s about time we formally announced, we bought a house.